Technical Specifications of the CEL5
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Functions and Features

  • Water controlled automatic ignition: Water pressure between 20-80 PSI and 2.9 -3.8 LPM opes the ignition circuit for easy and convenient operation

  • Auto-cut-off protection: The auto-cut-off protection will shut the gas supply off immediately in the event of flameout to reduce the risk of gas leakage.

  • Removable drain valve to avoid water pipe and regulator damage caused by freezing water.*

  • Anti-dry combustion protection: The portable tankless water heater will shut off the gas supply in the event water stops flowing through the portable tankless water heater.

*Read the maintenance section on draining the portable tankless water heater entirely to avoid freeze issues.


*Temperature increases listed are based on use of the water heater under optimal conditions. Variable factors such as incorrect or imperfect installations and varying incoming water temperatures may yield different results.

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