My EL7 Won't Power On
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My EL7 Won't Power On

Are you trying to use your new EL7, but it doesn't seem to be powering on? Below, you will find some things you can check to help fix that.

Your EL7 will NOT power on if your batteries are in incorrectly. Please see the image below for the proper way to insert the 4 x AA batteries. The 2 x batteries on left should be in the negative position and the 2 batteries on the right should be in the positive position.


When your batteries are seated properly and the power button is in the ON position located on the bottom of the water heater, you should see the power symbol light up in RED on your LED screen.


*Please note: Your water heater will not ignite if you have it tilted more than 45 degrees in any direction. The water heater is equipped with safety mechanisms that help protect from any fire damage. Therefore; it will NOT ignite if it's not upright and installed correctly.

If you have further questions or are experiencing issues that this article did not help with, please reach out to our team at [email protected] and we'd be more than happy to assist.

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