TS: Troubleshooting tips for the i12 model
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Possible Cause

What to Do

Not Enough or No Hot Water

Water Shutoff valve is not fully opened.

Check shutoff Valve and open fully.

Hot water faucet is not fully opened.

Open hot water faucet completely. (The main burner goes off when incoming water volume is inadequate.

Water piping is frozen

Allow piping to thaw

No electricity or water supply is cut off

Check that proper power is being supplied and/or water supply is adequate.

Unit is not “ON”

Turn the unit “ON” by the button on the remote control.

Water not Hot enough

The temperature may be set too low

Increase the temperature setting

The gas valve is not fully opened.

Check and open the gas valve fully.

Water too hot

The temperature is set too high

Decrease the temperature setting.

Water shutoff valve is not fully opened.

Check Shutoff valve and open fully.

Small amount of water has been heated.

Allow more water to flow.

Water filter is clogged

Clean the filter with a tooth brush.

Fan Continues to rotate after hot water faucet is closed.

This function is to purge unburned gas 10-15 seconds.

Normal Operation. There is no need to call for service. Check for Error Code.

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