General Information on the ESH Mini Tank
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General Information

The Eccotemp SMARTHOME Mini Tank Water Heater can be used in most boats, campers, tiny homes, RV's, homes, under the sink, offices, cottages, kitchens, utility rooms, apartments, and food trucks. The ESh is designed to supply hot water for all hand was and kitchen sinks in a residential environment.

The ESH can replace traditional central hot water heaters, thereby conserving water and reducing energy waste.

The ESH is lightweight, compact and manufactured for easy installation. The ESH can be mounted on the wall with included hardware, or they can be placed freestanding upright on the floor.

The ESH is designed to operate at 150~psi maximum water pressure. Install a pressure reducing valve if your water pressure is greater than 150~psi.

The ESH comes with an app for your mobile device that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Search for "Eccotemp" to easily find the app, download it, install it, and begin using the app to complete your setup. Once you have the app set up, you can use it to adjust the temperature through your smart phone, or SMARTHOME devices to increase the energy efficiency of you home.

*Please see the two guides for setting up the app and voice commands located on the support page by visiting the links below:

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