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Sending Your Water Heater In For Repair (US Only)
Sending Your Water Heater In For Repair (US Only)
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First of all, thank you for choosing Eccotemp for your hot water needs. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible. Please note that this article is meant to be informative about our return for repair process. If you require assistance and would like to send your heater in, please email [email protected] with the following information to start the process.

* Important: Overall photo of the water heater's set up and installation (including plumbing and ventilation) is required before any parts, unit replacement, or further troubleshooting can be processed. Please note: if the power cord is cut, there will be an automatic $25 fee towards any future repair.

* The damage or point of the problem.

* Internal view of the water heater.

* Proof of purchase or receipt (actual picture of hard copy, scanned or photocopied or screenshot of online receipt).

* Serial number located at the right side of the heater.

Once these photos have been received, we will contact you to let you know how we can proceed.

We regret any inconvenience that this issue may be causing you and please be assured that we will do what is necessary to resolve it.

NOTE: We will only need the heater. Please remove all fittings or adapters when you send the heater in. We are not liable for any missing fittings or adapters during the repair process.

IMPORTANT: Please write down the RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number at the front or at the top of the box. Without the RGA number, the return will be refused.

Please note returns need to have an (RGA) or (RS) number. Also, please note that returns for refund must be made within 45 days of proof of purchase. We do not accept returns that have been damaged or used unless authorization has been given by Eccotemp Systems, LLC.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Opened Items or returned items not in their Original Packaging, Damaged, Dented and/or Badly Scratched may/will be subject to a 15% restocking fee and if they cannot be sold as new.


Out-of-warranty repairs start at $75/hr + the cost of parts used. Prior to starting an OOW repair, a technician will review and inspect the heater to gather an estimate of the costs. Our technicians will not complete an Out of Warranty repair without first collecting the minimum $75 for the initial inspection. After the repair is complete, a technician will reach out via your support ticket with an update and any additional costs that may have been incurred during the repair. (parts, additional labor time, flushing, etc.)

Under warranty repairs are free labor and parts. If a water heater under warranty is returned for repair missing a power cord, there will be an automatic $25 fee charged on the repair. If the power cord is cut, our technicians are unable to test the functionality of the heater easily, therefore it results in longer labor times and part costs.

*If a water heater is received with a cut power cord, an automatic $25 fee will be charged on the order for repair. (This counts towards warranty related and out of warranty related repairs.) If the power cord is cut, the technicians are unable to properly test the water heater, thus resulting in time and parts necessary to complete the inspection. This means that an Out of Warranty repair with a cut power cord, will be $25 (fee for the cord) + $75 (for the initial inspection.) This does not count towards additional parts or time/labor towards the cost of the final repair.

Please note: a repaired water heater will not be returned until the final bill is paid. For Out of Warranty customers, return shipping will be covered by the customer, not Eccotemp. Eccotemp will return the water heater to the address it was shipped from. We will not alter the return address.

*If the water heater is returned with a cut power cord, there will be an automatic $25 fee charged towards the repair (regardless of out of warranty or under warranty status.) If the heater is being returned for a refund, the $25 + 15% restock fee will not be returned on the refund.

*If our technicians begin repair on an under-warranty repair and notice that the heater has suffered from damage due to improper installation, excessive rust, or obvious negligence, it will no longer be considered free labor under warranty. There will be a minimum $75/hr. repair. Eccotemp will cover the cost of parts, but it will be the customer’s responsibility to cover the cost of labor and the cost of shipping the unit back to the customer.

*Please do not use PACKING PEANUTS as protection when shipping your water heater in for repair or return. The packing peanuts can cause a fire hazard as they often fall into the heat exchanger and are difficult to remove during the repair process.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be advised that RGA or RSL for REFUND request (if the unit/part is still within 45 days of return period) is only valid for 60 days. If the unit is NOT returned within the given time-frame, any return request for refund can no longer be accepted. RGA or RSL for REPAIR is not included in this term unless within the warranty period.

Not including your RGA number on the shipment will result in your package being refused at delivery.

Need to know our complete "Returns Policy?"

* If you have not done so, please take the time to register your product with us here:



(Monday to Friday 9:00AM - 8:00PM EST)

*Please be advised that Eccotemp is CLOSED during SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS: emails/chats that are received during the weekend will be replied to first thing Monday morning* - Eccotemp U.S. Website - Eccotemp Canada Website - Eccotemp EU Website

Note: Are you needing help with your water heater? Did you know that most Home Warranties will provide assistance with your major appliances? We highly recommend reaching out to your home warranty for assistance.

Visit to schedule an appointment with one of our support team members and we will be happy to help. Please note that we will require you to be with the product during troubleshooting and will need some preliminary information prior to the call. Be sure to send us the following prior to the call: product serial number, photos of installation, and proof of purchase. We look forward to helping you! Thank you ~ Team Eccotemp

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