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Make Showering Outside a Snap! | Eccotemp L5 Water Heater Bundle + Quikker Connectors
Make Showering Outside a Snap! | Eccotemp L5 Water Heater Bundle + Quikker Connectors
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Credit: Campingshowerworld, Nov 7, 2012

In this how-to presentation I will show you how to connect the Eccotemp L5 Bundle and Quikker Connectors together. Also, since you need a few non-included parts to connect all Eccotemp L5 bundle pieces together a lot of people have been asking us what parts they need to purchase separately.

We'll talk about these non-included parts which you can easily get from most hardware stores. Depending on how you want to connect your water pump to a power source you may need a few extra parts to make that work.

For this presentation we're gonna use an AC/DC power adapter normally used for powering coolers but you can also connect the water pump directly to a deep cycle battery which you'll need if you're planning on setting it up in an area where there are no power outlets.

For this demonstration, we used a bucket as the water source but other options are available such as a water container, a rain barrel or even a lake.

In case you're wondering why use Quikker Connectors at all, here's why:

It's much easier to connect and disconnect a hose using the fast locks included with the Quikker Connectors than if you were directly connecting and disconnecting it to the L5 fittings at the bottom of the unit. Quikker Connectors are meant to remain connected to the L5 permanently so no need to screw and unscrew anything in the cramped space where the fittings are located. You can quickly assemble and disassemble your water heater setup in a snap and move your L5 around.

The water pressure is pretty incredible thanks to the 50 PSI generated by the Flojet water pump. It comes close to the pressure supplied by a home shower.

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