How to: Cleaning Filter Screen

How to clean the filter screen on your Eccotemp tankless water heater


1st.  Make sure that your Eccotemp Tankless  water heater is turned off,  And also verify that you gas supply is turned off.

2nd. Disconnect the water source hose from the water inlet pipe located on the far right of your Eccotemp water heater.

3rd. The filter screen is located at the opening of the water inlet pipe place your finger on the screen to remove any particles that may be obstructing the flow of water, if the screen appears clogged or rusted* you may clean it by lightly scrubbing it with a metal wire brush available at most any hardware store.


  • If your screen is missing, heavily corroded, or damaged you may need to contact Eccotemp at 1-866-356-1992 to order a replacement filter screen.
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