Eccotemp FVI12 Gas Tankless Water Heater Installation: Homestead Kids


Video Credit: Happy Homestead Family, Nov 4, 2015

Eccotemp FVI12 Gas Tankless Water Heater Installation. Homestead Kids water heater installation video is finally here. Next video on the Eccotemp tankless heater will be operation and adjustment of the Eccotemp FVI12. It is the same basic adjustment for all of the Eccotemp tankless water heaters. This unit is a LP model - it runs on propane. Nice with no water tank! These are super efficient! The efficiency rating on this one is a high 74% which is really good for a water heater! This heater is great for homesteading in rural areas. If you homestead off grid, you may want to look at the L10 model. The FVI12 is the large non-portable model of tankless water heater from Eccotemp providing 4 gallons per minute of hot water up to 165 degrees F. Of course you would want to keep the unit temperature much lower than that for showers and washing to avoid injury from scalding. It features a nice fan for power venting of it's powerful 74,000 btu burner. It's dimensions are 15”x24”x4” and it comes with a vent kit for the exhaust. It does run on standard 120 volt household current. If you need one to run on battery power only, check the L10 model. Installation is straightforward. Choose your location, mount the unit on a non-combustible surface on the wall, connect your gas line and cold water in and hot water out lines and your vent pipe venting to the outside of the house. Turn on the gas, check for leaks, turn on the water, check for leaks, plug the unit in and turn on the water to adjust it properly. This video is the installation video only. We will be doing a full video on the adjustment and operation of the FVI12 tankless water heater in the next few days :)

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