TS: Insta-Hot General Troubleshooting

Below are some basic items to check. Verifying these steps can solve many common issues. They are also used to make sure your water heater is operating optimally.

1. Have you sprayed the gas connection with soapy water for any leaks? If you see bubbles
then your connection is not airtight.
2. Is the Insta-Hot mounted vertically (straight up and down)?
3. Are you using liquid propane and using the gas regulator and hose that came with the unit?
4. Is the on/off switch in the on position?
5. Is the incoming water supply on the far-right connection, the outgoing water line, attached to
the center and gas is on the left connection?
6. Are the batteries new and correctly polarized to the diagram inside the cover?
7. Are you above 2000 feet in elevation? If so, the operation of your Insta-Hot will be hindered.
8. How much water pressure do you have? The Insta-Hot needs a minimum of 20 psi.
9. Do you have both of the knobs set to their minimum setting just to start the Instahot?
10. How much water are you running through the Insta-Hot? Maximum of 1.3 gallons per minute at a
35-degree rise is what the Instahot will offer. As an example, if the incoming water is 70 degrees, you can expect about 1.3 gallons per minute of 105-degree water.


***Please keep in mind that the Insta-Hot is NOT to be permanently mounted or left unattended as it is not recommended and can be considered a hazard. Not for indoor usage or to be vented. Also, these units are not to be plumbed into the side or any other part of the house or location and are meant to serve for recreational use only. Using in the manners stated will violate your warranty.***

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