TS: My water doesn't get hot enough

The water does not get hot enough:

  1. You are operating the portable tankless water heater above 3,900 feet / 1,000 meters. We only recommend using it below elevations of 3,900 feet / 1,000 meters.
  2. Look in to the viewer panes (middle horizontal windows on the front cover) to see if there is a blue flame. If the flame is yellow there could be a cracked gas regulator. Do Not Attempt to use the portable tankless water heater and call Eccotemp directly at 866.356.1992.
  3. You are running more water through it that can the water heater can heat, section “d”: Check for gas leaks with soapy water and check to ensure that your hose and regulator are properly connected to your propane tank.
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