TS: Water does not get hot

  1. Make sure the power supply is on and working.
  2. If light does not come on, check that the reset button is pushed in; follow steps from previous section.
  3. If the indicator light is illuminated, but water temperature does not get hot at the sink, test for a plumbing crossover as follows; shut off cold water supply to water heater and open hot water tap. There should be no water flowing. Any continuous flow indicates a cross over which will affect the temperature and will need to be corrected.
  4. If there is no crossover, then replace the heating element.


Removing the Heating Element:

  1. Unplug and drain the water heater. 
  2. Remove heating element noting original positions of all connections.
  3. Install new element with gasket making sure the new element and gasket are positioned correctly.
  4. Tighten retaining nuts and make the wire connections to their original locations.


  1. Unplug the water heater.
  2. Open a hot water faucet to let hot water run out. Allow water to flow until water is no longer hot.
  3. Turn off the cold water supply to the water heater.
  4. Close the hot water faucet.
  5. Disconnect the water heater from both the hot and cold water connections.
  6. If possible siphon out remaining water.
  7. Carefully detach the water heater from the wall.
  8. Tilt the water heater to drain remaining water out of the heater.
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