Ticket Example: Adjusting L5 to Make Water Hotter

John Smith 

We had the L7 and replaced it when needed with the L5. We had hotter water with the L7 and want to know how to make an adjustment. We currently have the gas as high as it goes and the water as low as it goes.

Tech Support B 

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The L7 can definitely provide you hotter water since it has an option for the high temperature sensor. With the L5, the maximum that it can get is up to 140F while the L7 with the high temperature sensor can go up to 160F.
The L5 has a 30 to 35 degree rise in temperature at 1.5 GPM while the L7 can go with 30 to 35 degree rise at 1.59 gallons per minute. You can try restricting the water flow on the L5 to make the water stay longer inside the water heater and get hotter. Kindly open the attached photo and see the location of the pressure adjustment screws. Adjust the right screw by screwing it all the way in then back it out by 1/2 of a turn.


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