TS: Water is flowing, but no hot water



Water is flowing. but there is no hot water coming out:

  1. Ensure that you have the incoming water supply and the outgoing water supply hooked up properly. Your water supply should be attached to your incoming connection (located on the far right) and the shower head should be attached to the outgoing water (located as the center connection).
  2. Ensure that you have adequate water pressure of at least 20 PSI, sustained.
  3. Ensure that you have adequate gas in your propane bottle and that the LP regulator is threaded all the way on to the portable tankless water heater.
  4. Fresh batteries are required for ignition spark. Make sure batteries are aligned in the proper polarity (+/-) Flat negative of battery towards spring side of battery compartment.
  5. Please refer to the Eccotemp helpdesk for more troubleshooting solutions at www.eccotemp. com/helpdesk.

If you are still having troubles or are on a modified water system, please schedule a call with our tech support via our helpdesk and we will help you get hot water. 

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