My Portable Tankless Water heater Will Not Ignite

Having trouble getting your Portable Tankless Water Heater to ignite? 

Are you hearing clicks at the initial startup, but it seems there is no gas getting through? It's possible that there is something blocking your gas compression fitting. This can happen during the shipment of the water heater and is easily fixable. 



The portable series come with the compression fitting already on the gas connection. Be sure you take a look up inside of the fitting to ensure nothing is blocking gas from flowing freely. 



If you've checked your compression fitting and it appears to be open and clear and you're still not hearing any clicks or it seems the heater is not attempting ignition at all, please be sure to check the position of your Tilt-Switch located in the bottom RIGHT corner of the water heater. It must be upright and vertical or it will not allow the water heater to ignite. 

Take a look at the photos below to better understand how it should look. 


The Tilt-Switch is designed to keep the water heater from igniting if it's tilted more than 45 degrees in any direction. This helps prevent the water heater from having an open flame at an unsafe angle. If the Tilt-Switch has fallen, is defective, or has come unsecured, then it could be thinking that the water heater is titled when in fact it is upright and straight. 

If this check does not fix your issue or is not applicable, please feel free to contact our dedicated product support team at

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