My L5 Stopped Working After Using it a Few Times

My L5 stopped working after using it a few times

There are a few different things that can cause this problem. 

The fist thing to check and replace are the batteries. When you get your L5, it does come with batteries, however they are generic and not very powerful. We recommend replacing them with a name brand alternative. The battery powers up the ignition pack to create the spark that allows the gas solenoid to open, keeping it open during the time that you are using your L5. 

If that doesn't work.... 


  • As this is a new series of L5, the connection at the ignition pack is no longer soldered inside the box, but it is now connected via receptacle. During transit or heavy use of the heater, this receptacle can become loose, causing the water heater to not work as it should. 

Take the cover off and disconnect the receptacle. Once disconnected, reconnect the receptacle back where it was. 


Now, if this doesn't work and your water heater still won't turn on, please contact our support team at Make sure to include the serial number, proof of purchase, as well of photos of the installation so our support team can help you as quickly as possible. You can also reach us via Live Chat, or you can schedule a call with one of our team members! 



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