FVI-12 E0 Code



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    Erik Brewster

    I got this error because the water flow switch was misaligned. It is the small black switch in the bottom middle of the heater, just below the brass body between the gas block and cold water inlet.

     There is a small lever that releases this switch when the water flows. I think my switch moved a bit over time and would lo longer shut off the gas (still thought the water was flowing). I was able to tell this was the water flow switch by putting the lever back a bit with a screwdriver for a moment -- the gas turned on (don't do this, just explaining troubleshooting). I was also able to see the switch wasn't quite closing on water shut off by shutting the water off and giving the switch a slight push close with a screwdriver. The gas turned off.

    Realigning the switch was just a matter of loosening the two screws that hold down the switch, sliding the switch over and tightening the two screws.

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