L5 not igniting




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    Crichton Davis (Edited )

    I got this and loved it, it worked right out of the box. Then it didn't. Up and stopped working after 2 days. It will not even click. I have looked inside, everything seems to be connected. I have changed out the batteries 3x. There are no leaks, except for the miserable release valve that is a raging pain in the ass to work.  I want the person who designed that to get hurt, just a little.  It's ridiculous, hard to tighten, falls out in your hand when loosening it. After taking it in and out so many times I'm ready to throw the whole thing against a wall, it is still drooling.  I've tried using small pliers and it simply will not tighten enough to stop it leaking. Now the little ring on the valve has cracked from probably attempting to set it in it's place right. Even with the ring once I got it tight enough to stop leaking it was impossible to open without pliers, very little pliers, since it's in a tight spot.  How difficult would it have been to give it a knob? Something you could at least get hold of.  Anyway,even before the valve getting messed up, I messed with the water pressure, checked that all the washers are in place, nothing works. Gas is coming through the hose just fine, and there is absolutely no wind. It wont even click like it's trying to light the thing. The only thing I'm curious about is - what screen are you all talking about. I can't find one anywhere. But the water sure comes out just fine. Can't clog what isn't there. It isn't on either end of the shower part. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas i would really like some. I was actually really depending on this, I am in a tent for the time being while working on my mothers place which is in need of serious plumbing repairs. 

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    Crichton Davis (Edited )

    Just to add to the fun of the entire experience I went to remove the hose and the adapter just fell apart. I was able to hammer it back together, but now it leaks between the parts. That I think happened because of getting the PSI too high in the many attempts at adjusting the water. I will get another little ring for the valve, if I can find one, and redo all the teflon tape, and start again. At this time I am soaking wet and it is winter in Oregon, that is one of the reasons for needing to loosen the valve, it gets very cold at night. The thing needs to be drained.  I am one of those people who has to get things to work, so this is driving me nuts.  If I can't get it to work I'm ordering another heater, just not an ecco.  I don't have the box, can't believe I didn't save it, I usually do that, but it accidentally got put in a pile to be thrown out. Gerrr...

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    Tech Support

    Hello Crichton Davis,

    Good day!

    We apologize for the inconvenience. 

    1. You need to have a minimum of 20 pounds per square inch of water pressure to activate and sustain operation of the L5, L7, L10, or FVI12 water heaters.
    2. If you cannot achieve and maintain adequate water pressure, your water heater will not function properly or not at all.

    Please maintain the water pressure at around 30-40PSI. Pressure drop your water pressure to this level or else you will end up having back pressure issues which are not covered by the warranty.

    If you need further assistance, please email(support@eccotemp.com) or call us at 1.866.356.1992

    Thank you!


    Technical Support Team
    Eccotemp Systems LLC

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    Joseph Zammit (Edited )

    Hello. I use my L5 in the kitchen. While washing the plates the hot water stopped coming and came cold. When I tried to start again nothing happened. Not even the rapid ignition sound. Changed even the batteries to be sure but nothing happen. 

    4 years ago I changed the gas-water valve assembly.

    Can you please help me?

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