Safe Practices For Operating Your Portable Tankless Water Heater

Eccotemp prides itself in making affordable, convenient and safe products for all of our customers, all over the world. With Summer right around the corner, let's have a brief review of some safe practices and an overall refresher of how to safely operate your portable water heater.

This brief video overview of the CE-L5 from our L5 series will demonstrate the following:

  • Connecting your input and output water connections
  • The importance of using Teflon tape on your connections
  • Safely hooking up the gas hose and regulator
  • How to operate the water heater
  • How to check for gas leaks using the soapy water method


Let's focus on checking for gas leaks and its importance

Gas Hose Adaptor Warning

The Eccotemp L5 and Eccotemp L10 model heaters have a 1/2 to 3/8 adaptor in the hardware pack for attachment of the LP hose to the heater.

This adaptor must be installed with thread sealant , a spool of pipe tape which is included with the tankless water heater.

Multiple wraps of pipe tape may be necessary to assure complete seal.

Always check for gas leaks before using the heater.

Before attempting to light the water heater make sure to look and smell for gas leaks. Use a soapy solution to check all gas fittings and connections. Bubbling at a connection indicates a leak that must be corrected. When smelling to detect a gas leak, be sure to sniff near the floor also.



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