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Eccotemp FVI-12-LP

The Eccotemp FVI-12-LP tankless water heater is a liquid propane fired, forced vent, 3.4 GPM indoor tankless water heater designed for small to medium hot water production where you need more than one hot water application at the same time. The Eccotemp FVI12-LP  tankless water heater is perfect for vacation cabins, cottages, and smaller homes. The unit comes with a horizontal stainless steel vent kit, ready to install. The 110 volt UL listed power cord powers the internal exhaust fan and digital display. It only pulls about 2 watts idol and 10 watts during operation, making it ideal when energy conservation is paramount. The unit has a water pressure activated (40 PSI minimum ) electronic ignition.


The incredibly efficient Eccotemp Power-vent Water Heater uses an intense propane flame to instantly heat water the moment it passes through! As long as you feed water in, hot water comes out! Comes ready to install. With the included horizontal vent kit, this Eccotemp Tankless Water Heater can be installed for indoor use right out of the box. Great for cabins and smaller homes, it pulls only 2 watts and 1.07 amps during operation, so you don’t bust your budget for a hot shower! Offers a 45 Degrees F rise at 3.6 gallons per minute, 77 Degrees F rise at 2.3 gallons per minute; Minimum 0.65 gallon per minute flow rate; 3.6 gallon per minute flow capacity; Safe electronic ignition system; Plugs into standard 120V electrical outlet with UL-listed cord; Can be used with 20-100 lb. propane tank (tank and hoses not included); 30-80 psi water pressure; True 1/2″ NPT water fittings; For indoor installation with safe, efficient power ventilation. Stainless vent kit included;; Digital thermostat and temperature display; Precise temperature and water-flow adjustment; Uses gas only when hot water is on.





Customer reviews

I am using Eccotemp FVI-12-LP in my garage with a propane tank installed outside. VERY functional and gets my water warm with adjustable temps from 99F to a scalding 145F. You can use a combo of the gas and temp dials to find the right temp. Installation was pretty easy and I have not had any problems with the heater.

Using a Propane tank, it was very important to get the right regulator for my location/altitude. I went with and low pressure regulator from Camco. I have had no problems.

Also it takes a minimum water flow to kick on the heater. So the output will determine this rate. I originally installed a cheap utility room faucet over a utility sink but the flow on that faucet was too low to consistently keep the heater running. Definitely choose your faucet wisely. I also installed a hose bib with a 1/2″ hose and nozzle. It works great.

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