My Portable Tankless Water Heater Won't Ignite!


SOLVED: How to fix your L5 Portable Water Heater if it won't ignite 

What to check if you are NOT hearing clicks:

If your portable tankless water heater is having trouble igniting and you're not hearing a clicks, here are a few things to take into consideration while trying to figure out the reason behind it.

  • Wire Receptacle:
    The wire receptacle behind the ignition pack may be loose or disconnected. Try disconnecting and reconnecting.






  • Micro switch:
    Pull the little metal lever on the micro switch to see if you hear clicking (NOTE: The water heater must be in the upright position for this step). If the microswitch doesn’t make the clicking sound when checked manually, it is most likely your ignition pack.



  • Gas solenoid:
    Sometimes, if the water heater was in storage for a period of time, the gas solenoid can get stuck. To check, you should be able to hear one loud click from it when you try to operate it. If there's no click, then it could be that the plunger is stuck in the closed position. 


Try tapping on the plunger to undo it. If tapping on it still won't work, remove the entire gas solenoid and check on the plunger. Click it a few times. 


  • Tilt Switch:
    Our portable models are equipped with a safety tilt switch that will shut the water heater off if it’s tilted too much to the left, right, front, or back. This water heater must be in the upright position for the microswitch and water heater to activate. 

    Check the position of your Tilt-Switch located in the bottom RIGHT corner of the water heater. It must be upright and vertical or it will not allow the water heater to ignite.


What to check if you DO hear clicks:

If your portable tankless water heater is having trouble igniting and you DO hear clicks when it lights, try troubleshooting the following... 

  • Flame Sensor & Ignition Pins:
    Check to be sure the flame sensor and igniters are hooked up and connected. The flame sensor will have blue tape around it. The other two are ignition pins.



  • Gas Compression:
    Check the gas compression fitting for any obstructions and clear them out. It's possible that there is something blocking your gas compression fitting. This can happen during the shipment of the water heater and is easily fixable.


  • Water Line:
    Disconnect your incoming water line. There is a screen immediately inside of the incoming water pipe that may have clogged over time and is reducing the water flow and water pressure (clean that out if needed).


Other things to check when troubleshooting your Portable Water Heater:

  • What is your water source?
    • You must have at least 25 psi (pounds per square inch) to activate and keep the water heater running.
    • If you’re using a pump, there will be fluctuations in the pressure depending on the type of pump you’re using.
    • If you’re using city water with adequate water pressure, then you may need to think of doing a water pressure adjustment or it could be something else. *See the Water Pressure Adjustment article.

  • Using a water pump? 
    Check the 12V battery for your pump to make sure it is still good.

  • Fresh batteries: (Inserted correctly?)
    Try a new set of batteries. The L5 model takes 2 "D" cell batteries. The Luxe Portable models take 4 double “A” batteries.

  • Propane Tank:
    Check to make sure you have a full propane tank and check for any leaks.

  • Gas Regulator & Hose:
    Try using a different gas regulator and hose or test them with other gas appliances. 

  • Power On/Off Switch:
    Make sure the switch located at the bottom of the water heater is in the “ON” position.

  • How old is the Water Heater?
    The last thing to consider is the age of the water heater. When was the last time the water heater was flushed and descaled? Over time, sediment can build up inside the pipes of the exchanger and restrict water flow, causing the water heater to overheat and shut off.

    If you need more information about flushing your water heater, please visit the links below to learn more or purchase our Eccotemp Descaler Kit and Solution for a more efficient working water heater.
    Buy EZ FLUSH in the USA
    Buy EZ FLUSH in Canada


Please keep in mind our Portable Tankless Water Heaters are NOT to be permanently mounted or left unattended as it is not recommended and can be considered a hazard. Not for indoor usage or to be vented. Also, these models are not to be plumbed into the side or any other part of the house or location and are meant to serve for recreational use only. Using in the manners stated will void your warranty.***
To view the warranty, click here!


If you're still experiencing issues and need more assistance, please reach out to our technical support team via our LIVE CHAT feature, create a support ticket, or set an appointment with us.

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