How to Replace the Over Temperature Sensor on the Eccotemp L7

How to replace the Over Temperature Sensor on the L7


Replacing the Over Temperature Sensor

  1. Remove the cover via the 2 screws located at the BOTTOM of the unit. (2 screws total)
  2. Gently remove the cover by sliding the cover up towards the top and mind the wires and the on/off switch.
  3. The Over Temperature Sensor is located at the top right of the heat exchanger held on by 2 screws and 2 prongs.
  4. Unscrew the 2 screws holding the sensor on and set those screws aside in a safe place.
  5. Using needle nose pliers, remove the 2 connectors from the prongs.
  6. Replace the old sensor with the new sensor, metal side down on the plate.
  7. Using the 2 screws you set aside, screw the sensor in place and reconnect the 2 prongs.
  8. Put the cover of the water heater back on using a screwdriver and the 4 screws you set aside earlier.
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