Returning Your Product For Repair or Refund (US)

Depending on the product you purchased from Eccotemp, the warranty will vary. For more information regarding the warranty of your product, please refer to your manual or click here!

Returning for refund

  • Any return for refund must be approved by Eccotemp’s Customer Service team prior to shipping anything back to us.
  • Every return must be provided a RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number that is only provided by our Customer Service team. Anything returned without a RGA number will be refused. Eccotemp is not responsible for processing a refund on any returned product that was not first approved by Eccotemp’s Customer Service team and/or products that are lost in transit for return for refund.
  • If your returned product does not have the original packaging and/or is missing any of the components that came with the product, there will be a non-negotiable 15% restock fee.
  • The return window for used or opened products is 45 days and must be approved by the Eccotemp Customer Service team.
  • You may return your brand new, unopened product up to 6 months. You must provide photos to the Customer Service team prior to sending in to confirm it is still in NEW condition. Customer assumes all shipping costs.


Return for repair

  • If you feel your product may be defective, you will need to contact our Customer Service team prior to sending anything to us.
    • You can contact them at, schedule a call with them at, or live chat with them on our support page:
    • We must have the following information before we can assist with any warranty related parts or extensive troubleshooting.
      • Proof of purchase
      • Serial number
      • Photos of the installation
      • Photos of the damage point (if there is one)
    • The steps for repair.
      1. Have a call with tech support after providing the photos, proof of purchase, etc. and walk through some steps and tests to see if it’s a simple fix or a part is needed. A support ticket will need to be created that documents each individual customer's experience.
      2. We will either send you 1 round of parts before recommending sending your unit in for repair/inspection or you can send your water heater in for repair if you’re uncomfortable performing the replacement of any parts.
      3. If your water heater is still under warranty, the cost of labor and parts are covered by Eccotemp. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the water heater to Eccotemp. Eccotemp will cover the cost of shipping the water heater to the customer after the repair is finished. If a manufacturer defect is decided, Eccotemp will replace the water heater if parts do not fix the issue.
      4. If your water heater is no longer under warranty, the cost of labor is $55/hr + the cost of any parts that are replaced as well as the cost of shipping the water heater to and from Eccotemp.
    • We want you to have hot water and have a “deposit/loaner” program that is set in place to help keep you with continuous hot water if you decide to send your water heater in for repair/inspection.
      1. You place the deposit with us (the deposit amount varies per model of water heater).
      2. We ship out a “loaner” unit to you immediately and when you receive your “loaner” unit, you can use the box it was shipped in to send your defective water heater to our warehouse for inspection/repair. Once we receive the defective unit to our warehouse for repair, we immediately process the refund of your deposit, repair your water heater and contact you about any issues as soon as we are finished with the inspection.
      3. The deposit is a safety measure to ensure that we do not send a brand new water heater to a customer and they never return it or the defective one, leaving us out of pocket on a water heater. The deposit is 100% refunded back to the customer as soon as we receive the defective water heater to our warehouse.
      4. If you do not wish to go the “loaner” route, you can send your water heater in for repair and as soon as we see it is in transit, we can ship out a “loaner” unit. We just have to see that it is in transit to us prior to shipping the loaner if there is no deposit placed.
      5. Also, if you do not wish to place the deposit, you can send the water heater in for repair and not go the “loaner” route and simply wait for the unit to be repaired and shipped back to you. There is usually a 2-3 day turn around for all repairs.

We hope that this article helps clear up any confusion on our policy for return for repair or return for refund. We truly care about our customers and want all of you to have the best experience possible with our team and our products. If you have any questions regarding our policy, please feel free to email us at

*Eccotemp ships the ground equivalent for all carriers when returning repaired water heaters or replacements. Any expedited requests will be covered by the customer. 

Thank you for choosing Eccotemp Systems!


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