Powering My ESH Mini Tank

Powering The Water Heater

*CAUTION: Before power the water heater, be sure that the system is completely filled with water and ALL AIR IS REMOVED.

To be certain that all of the air is out of the water heater, open th eHOT water faucet on the fixtures until constant water flows from them. If air remains in the tank, the element will be damaged when the electric cord is plugged in.

The Eccotemp SMARTHOME MINI TANK water heater comes equipped with a power cord that is intended to plug into a standard 110/120v receptacle. Adhere to all pertinent state and local codes. The ESH was manufactured and wired in accordance with ETL requirements.

Powering your ESH:

1. Plug your Mini Tank to grounded outlet.

2. Adjust the temperature of the water heater either by manual temperature controls or the SmartHome app. Manual temperature controls are located towards the back on the right side. 

3. Allow up to 25 minutes to achieve desired set temperature.

The ESH comes equipped with an overheat sensor with a manual reset; also known as the temperature high limit. This device has been factory installed to interrupt the power supply in the event of a thermostat failure. The manual reset is located on the back of the mini in the middle at the bottom. If you have wall mounted your water heater, you may need to unmount it to reach the reset switch. 

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