Getting Started: CEL5

  1. Check box for damage. Damages caused in shipment must be reported immediately. 
  2. Make sure you have all the parts.
  3. Please note: Included parts and accessories may vary depending on county and regulationsmceclip0.png
  4. If using a standard garden hose, attach the 1/2" NPT to garden hose adapter to the fittings marked 'Water Input'. Use sealant tape or other approved sealing method on the threads for a secure, water tight fit. Check to make sure the screen inside the water inlet is in place and clean. Then attach your water input/garden hose.
  5. Install gas supply line and regulator to the portable tankless water heater by using 2 wrenches, one on the compression fitting already attached to the water heater and the other on the gas line. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. OVER TIGHTENING MAY CRACK THE GAS REGULATOR CAUSING A GAS LEAK! Check for any gas smell before ignition! Make sure it is screwed all the way on.
  6. Attach the water output to the fitting marked 'Water Outlet'. Do not over tighten.
  7. Install two "D" cell batteries in the compartment on the bottom left of the heater. Check that batteries are facing the correct direction.
  8. Use the top tab on the portable tankless water heater to suspend from a mounted screw capable of holding 15 kilograms. Place at a comfortable height without putting stress on the gas hose.
  9. Attach the gas regulator hose to the LP tank using a wrench to tighten. Finally, use a wrench to hold the adapter that's connected to the water heater in place and connect the end of the regulator hose to the adapter using another wrench. After connecting it's imperative you inspect for gas leaks. See page 3 for instructions on how to test for leaks.
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