E1 Error Code? Some Things To Consider

Is your water heater showing an E1 Error Code? Well, we are here to help you better understand how to address the issue and ways to fix it.

Did you know flexible gas lines are all rated differently? The same gas hose that you would purchase for your gas stove or other gas appliance will not work for your tankless water heater since they are rated at different BTUs and that means everything when it comes to gas-powered products.

Before installing you must verify that your hose is rated at the correct BTU’s or this can cause your water heater to throw an E1 error code. This is because your tankless water heater is starving for gas. 

Another thing to consider is the diameter of the flexible gas line. It needs to be ¾ inch rated for 160,000 BTU for these models EL22 series, 45H series, 20H series. Having the wrong size gas line will always cause problems and your water heater will run intermittently especially in the winter when more gas and demand is needed.

A common mistake made by homeowners when installing gas tankless water heaters is improper sizing of the gas lines. It is important to keep the same size line all the way through. If your water heater requires 3/4" lines, you must follow 3/4" all the way. You cannot have 3/4" to 1/2" back to 3/4". inconsistent sizing in the lines will cause gas flow issues and you will begin to see error codes. It may not happen right away, but you will see them if improperly installed. 

1. Be sure you have a gas regulator installed and it's adequately rated for what your water heater requires.

2. Be sure you have a professional install your water heater and lines. 

3. Be sure you are consistent and have the correct size gas lines. Most whole home tankless water heaters require 3/4".

4. Always have a gas technician check your gas pressure with a manometer to ensure your water heater has the gas pressure it requires to run efficiently and optimally. 


If you have any questions and/or need help with an error code, please contact support@eccotemp.com and we will be happy to help point you in the right direction. Please be prepared to provide the following: proof of purchase, photos of your installation, serial number and the make/model of the gas hose/line you are using. 

As always, thank you for choosing Eccotemp for your hot water needs! 

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