Order Status and Shipping Delays

Wondering where your order is?


I. Received a notification saying it has shipped but no tracking yet?

* Once orders are placed/processed in our ordering system, it automatically gets tagged as "shipped" and an auto-generated email gets sent out to the email address associated with the order. But once it has been successfully shipped, a follow-up email with the tracking number is sent.

II. Received a tracking number, but it has been cancelled when you checked?

* Don't worry. There are times when an order gets cancelled and is just put on hold because it may be that we suddenly ran out of stock. Or a new tracking number may have been generated.

** Please note that orders $75 and above are subject to order validation. This is to prevent any fraudulent orders. If any from our Fraud Department were not able to successfully validate your order, this gets automatically cancelled and refunded. Our Fraud Team will attempt to call you 3 times and send an email over the course of 3 business days. If we are unable to make contact and confirm the order, it will be cancelled and refunded.

III. Order is taking too much time to get shipped?

There are a great number of variables that may affect production scheduling and delivery:

     • Delivery delays of components
     • Certification and quality inspections 
     • All elements of the transport chain: warehouses, rail, trucks, shipping lines

As such, it is not possible to guarantee a specific shipping or delivery date.


Ultimately, for any order status questions or concerns, we recommend contacting our Help Desk by phone via our hotline: 1-866-356-1992; or schedule a call or go to our live chat here to get immediate answers. 

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