How to Store Your L5 Portable Water Heater


Eccotemp's Portable Tankless Water Heaters are for temporary outdoor use and not meant for permanent installation. They should always be taken down, drained, and stored away in a climate-controlled area when not in use. This helps to prevent internal damage from insects and keeps water from freezing, expanding, and busting the pipes inside that are responsible for providing you that lovely hot water.
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Once you finish using your Portable: 

  1. Switch the power button OFF. Turn the water and gas supply OFF, then disconnect both from the water heater.
  2. Unscrew the drain valve (ribbed cylindrical stem next to the water input valve) to ensure the draining of water.
  3. Remove the screen at the end of the water inlet pipe and clean it. Return the screen after cleaning.
  4. Store the tankless water heater in a climate-controlled area. The L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater and accessories fit nicely in a 17-gallon plastic container.

Please note: Liquid Propane cylinders must be stored outdoors, in a well-ventilated space, out of the reach of children, and must not be stored in a building, garage, or any other enclosed area.

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