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Eccotemp EM 2.5 Electric Mini Storage Tank Water Heater is NOT Recommended for Horizontal Installation
Eccotemp EM 2.5 Electric Mini Storage Tank Water Heater is NOT Recommended for Horizontal Installation
Updated over a week ago

Eccotemp received an email from a customer with a 2.5 Mini Tank Electric water heater. The customer installed it recently and it is having problems. The water heater shuts off every 5 minutes and the customer needs to reset it every time.


The image provided shows an EM 2.5 Electric Mini storage-tank water heater. Arrow (1) points to connections for the cold-water inlet (blue arrow), and (1.5) the outlet water connections (red arrow). The second image shows that it is connected to a 110/120V source (2). The issue here is not their connections, but how they have the water heater positioned.

All of our Mini Tanks should never be installed on their backs. They must always be installed upright. We explain a little more in-depth below:

  • There is a heating element inside the water heater that must be submerged in water at all times. When it is not submerged in water, it causes the water heater to “trip” or power off as a protective measure to the heating element.

  • It’s important to never turn the water heater on until you know it’s been successfully filled with water and the heating element is completely submerged.

  • When a mini tank is installed on its back, the heating element is not properly balanced in the water and the horizontal installation can cause the heating element to be dry exposed outside of the water. Over time, this will cause damage to the element, and it will no longer work. It will dry heat and burn out.

How we fixed this water heater: We advised the customer not to mount the product horizontally and to reinstall it properly and upright. Once this was done the water heater worked as designed and intended. It is used to simply produce hot water for sinks now with no issues.

We always recommend taking advantage of our Free Pre/Post Purchase Consultation call with one of our experts to better understand the uses, installation, and common mistakes made when installing one of our products. We also always recommend hiring a professional licensed installer to ensure your installation is correct and intended for the product you purchased.

Here at Eccotemp, we understand the importance of a successful installation, which is why we provide pre-sale and post-sale product consultations. Our team can offer guidance on essential aspects of tankless water heater installation, including sizing, venting, and safety considerations. We’re here to support you throughout the entire process.

To take advantage of our consultation services or to schedule a call with one of our experts, please visit our booking page. Investing in professional installation and seeking expert advice ensures that you get the most out of your tankless water heater and enjoy reliable, energy-efficient hot water for years to come. Click here to schedule your call with our team today!

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