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45 Series (45H/45HI) Whole Home Tankless Water Heater
Eccotemp 45HI-LP Indoor Tankless Water Heater is NOT Recommended for a Closed-loop Installation.
Eccotemp 45HI-LP Indoor Tankless Water Heater is NOT Recommended for a Closed-loop Installation.
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Eccotemp got an email from a customer with a 45HI-Liquid Propane Tankless water heater. The customer installed it recently, and it is having problems. The water heater lights up and heats water as it should, but it keeps turning off after about 20-30 minutes of use, without showing any error codes.

Closed Loop Circulation.JPG

The provided image shows a 45HI-LP Indoor Tankless Water Heater. Arrow (1) points to connections for the closed-loop circulation system, and arrow (2) highlights the radiant floor heating connections. However, the 90-degree elbow indicated by arrow (3) lacks a downward slope, which might cause condensation to flow back into the water heater, potentially damaging it.

The 45HI Liquid Propane Indoor tankless water heater is not recommended for closed-loop circulation. For this particular tankless water heater, it is not designed to support this type of installation. The reasons are listed below.

  1. On the first pass-through, this water heater heats water to the desired set temperature. As the already heated water re-enters the water heater it will then not heat the water again. Why? Because this water heater has too high of a minimum BTU rating. Meaning, that the minimum temperature rise is too great which will overheat the water heater. The control board uses calculations based on incoming water temperatures to not allow the water heater to re-heat the water. This is for safety and to help avoid scalding water temperatures to be produced.

  2. Another reason is if the water flow is too low it may not even turn on. There is a minimum water flow activation programmed as well to help avoid producing scalding hot water.

  3. Radiant floors can use a mix of chemicals and water which will cause damage to this water heater. Using radiant floor solutions mixed with other chemicals such as Propylene Glycol will immediately void the manufacturer's warranty. The Eccotemp 45HI-LP and NG versions are not designed for this use.

How we fixed this water heater: We advised the customer not to use this product in a closed loop and to reinstall it properly. Once this was done the water heater worked as designed and intended. It is used to simply produce hot water for showering and sinks now with no issues.

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