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FVI12-LP/NG Whole Home Tankless Water Heater
Water Leak on Eccotemp FVi12-Liquid Propane Indoor Tankless Water Heater
Water Leak on Eccotemp FVi12-Liquid Propane Indoor Tankless Water Heater
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Water Leak on Eccotemp FVi12-Liquid Propane Indoor Tankless Water Heater

Eccotemp received an email from a customer saying there is a water dripping from their FVi12-LP tankless water The customer has provided pictures of their water heater below.


The image on the left demonstrates an incorrect and improper installation of the FVi12 Liquid Propane tankless water heater. (1) vents are incorrect as it is directly above on where the water heater is as well, the hot air comes back to the water heater. (2) it shows it is enclosed in a cabinet in which we do not recommend it. (3) Clearances are not met and the water heater should be installed indoors and not inside a door or inside a cabinet.

On the image to the right, notably, the Blue Arrow (1) indicates signs of freeze damage. Also, it clearly shows condensation damage due to frost and on the yellow arrow, it shows a crack that indicates it has suffered from freeze damage in which that is the reason why it is leaking. , the Yellow Arrow (2) show a clear crack caused by freeze damage resulting to leakage.

Additionally, we have advised the customer that any quantity of standing water can freeze and cause damage.

  • First, we recommended to the customer to drain the unit so there's no standing water inside it (you may use an air compressor to ensure no water remains inside the elbows/coils). Leaving it empty is a good way to prevent it from freezing.

  • Second, we recommended 20HI which has antifreeze technology. Water heaters with Anti-Freeze have an automatic heating device that will help to avoid freeze damage, but the power must be kept on. Freezing will occur with no power. In very cold areas and when the temperature is under 32°F, or in the event of an ice storm, freezing will occur as the heating power limit is exceeded.

  • Third, we provided Winterizing links to the customer to educate on how to winterize water heater in the future. Here are the links:

    • Winter is Here: How to Prepare Your Tankless Water Heater

    • Freeze and Gas Warning

    • Winterizing your Tankless Water Heater

  • Fourth, we advised the customer that if they want to fix the crack with the Rapidfix, they have to relocate the water heater not in the same location

How we fixed the leaking in the FVi12 Liquid Propane tankless water heater.

After confirming that the water incurred crack due freeze damage, we educated the customer that freeze damage is not covered by warranty. The customer understand as this was a missed on their part to winterize their FVI-12. We stand to continue offer help to our valued customers. We offered the customer to purchase a new water heater which is the 20HI that comes with Anti-freeze protection and we extended our help by providing discount.

Furthermore, we always recommend taking advantage of our Free Pre/Post Purchase Consultation call with one of our experts to better understand the uses, installation, and common mistakes made when installing one of our products. We also always recommend hiring a professional licensed installer to ensure your installation is correct and intended for the product you purchased.

To take advantage of our consultation services or to schedule a call with one of our experts, please visit our booking page. Investing in professional installation and seeking expert advice ensures that you get the most out of your tankless water heater and enjoy reliable, energy-efficient hot water for years to come. Click here to schedule your call with our team today!

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