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Eccotemp i12 Liquid Propane E1 Error code and Resolution
Eccotemp i12 Liquid Propane E1 Error code and Resolution
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A customer with an i12-LP contacted us due to an E1 error code displayed on their water heater, which was preventing it from igniting and heating up water.

After reviewing the customer's installation photos and setup, it became evident that there was an improper installation.

The issue was attributed to improper installation or setup. Correct installation requires the water heater to be mounted on a flat surface, not in a corner, as it goes against Eccotemp’s recommendations and local codes, as indicated by arrow number (1). It is also improper to install your tankless water heater in an enclosed space such as a cabinet without proper air flow as seen in arrows (2). Additionally, it is necessary to provide photos illustrating how the ventilation is routed, either through the wall or to another room which is seen in arrow (3). Clearances must be maintained: a minimum of 1-2 feet above, at least 18 inches at the bottom, 8-10 inches on the left and right, and 2 inches from the wall, with 2-3 feet from an open window.

In this specific case, it was observed that the i12-Liquid Propane tankless water heater had been installed with potential fire hazards underneath and beside it. It is essential never to install the water heater near fire triggers such as papers, wires, or other flammable materials as seen in arrows (4).

As Eccotemp advised, for an i12-LP Tankless water heater E1 error code is an indication of a gas related issue. This could be your gas line, regulator or other issues with your gas set up. It could be too low or too high gas pressure. It could also be something related to the exhaust not allowing sufficient air flow. The exhaust venting could be restricted or if a backflow preventor is installed it could be faulty.

The i12-LP Tankless water heater BTU rating and the proper measurement of inches of water column are crucial factors. It is important to maintain the gas pressure within a specific range, typically between 9 inches (minimum) and 13 inches (maximum) of water column.

To ensure safe and efficient operation, Eccotemp recommends that the i12-LP Tankless water heater use gas lines with a ½-inch diameter made of steel. This size of gas line can effectively accommodate the Eccotemp i12-LP tankless water heater allowing more than 80,000 BTUs to pass through it. When using a flex steel gas line, it must be rated at a minimum of 80,000 BTUs. Using the recommended gas line size and material is crucial to prevent issues and ensure the heater functions as intended.

Eccotemp recommended to the customer the use of a manometer to measure the gas pressure and determine whether it falls within the appropriate range. If the pressure is too low or too high, the technician may need to install a different regulator to have the proper pressure needed for the i12-LP tankless water heater which is between 9-13 inches of water column for our liquid propane version.

Eccotemp also advised the customer to consider relocating the entire installation to a well-ventilated room free of fire triggers or debris that could affect the water heater's functionality.


What Eccotemp and the customer did for the resolution

The customer followed the troubleshooting steps. The customer changed the gas regulator and checked the i12-LP tankless water heater using a manometer for the proper inches of water column. The customer changed their gas lines to meet and exceed 80,000 BTU and most importantly the customer relocated the i12-LP tankless water heater to the proper installation room where there are no more fire triggers and with proper clearances. After doing all this the problem was resolved, the i12-LP tankless water heater is operational and fully functional which resolved the issue E1 error code effectively.

These comprehensive efforts led to the successful resolution of the E1 error code issue of the i12-LP Tankless water heater.

To ensure a seamless and trouble-free installation process, Eccotemp strongly recommends enlisting the expertise of a professional and licensed plumber or gas technician who specializes in tankless water heater installations. Their experience and knowledge will not only guarantee that the installation is executed correctly but also ensure that it complies with all local regulations and safety standards.

Opting for professional installation offers several advantages. First and foremost, it minimizes the risk of installation errors that could lead to operational issues or safety hazards down the line. Additionally, professional installers have the necessary tools and expertise to assess your specific needs and recommend the most suitable tankless water heater model for your home.

At Eccotemp, we understand the importance of a successful installation, which is why we provide pre-sale and post-sale product consultations. Our team can offer guidance on essential aspects of tankless water heater installation, including sizing, venting, and safety considerations. We're here to support you throughout the entire process.

To take advantage of our consultation services or schedule a call with one of our experts, please visit our Booking Page. Investing in professional installation and seeking expert advice ensures that you get the most out of your tankless water heater and enjoy reliable, energy-efficient hot water for years to come.

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