Proper Installation of the EL5
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*WARNING: If using with non-potable water, do not heat water for human consumption.

  1. Attach the rain cap securely to the top of your portable tankless water heater by sliding the shield into the designated slots.

  2. If using a standard garden hose, attach the 1/2" NPT to garden hose adapter to the fitting marked "water input". Use sealant tape or other approved sealing method on the threads for a secure, watertight fit. Check to make sure the screen inside the water inlet is in place and clean. Then attach your water input/garden hose.

  3. Install gas supply line and regulator to the portable tankless water heater by using 2 wrenches, one on the compression fitting already attached tot he tankless water heater and the other on the gas line. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. OVER TIGHTENING MAY CRACK THE GAS REGULATOR CAUSING A GAS LEAK! Check for any gas leaks before ignition! Make sure the gas connection is secured and cylinder is in an upright position for proper vapor withdrawal.

  4. Attach the shower nozzle hose to the water output to the fitting marked "water outlet". Do not over tighten. If using with a pressure relief valve, the pressure relief valve should be installed to the tankless water heater first and then the shower nozzle hose.

  5. Install four AA batteries in the compartment on the bottom left of the heater. Check that the batteries are facing the correct direction. Additional parts are necessary when installing with pressure relief valve. See pg. 8 in the manual for more details.

  6. Use the top tab on the portable tankless water heater to suspend from a mounted screw capable of holding 30 pounds. Place at a comfortable height without putting stress on the gas hose. Do not use suspended from the handle. Do not permanently mount this portable tankless water heater! *This will void the warranty.

  7. Attach gas regulator with hose to the LP tank. Use hand pressure only on the plastic connector. LEAVE GAS TANK VALVE IN THE "OFF" POSITION.

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