Getting Started: The EL5
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Getting Started

1. Check box for damage. Damages caused in shipment must be reported immediately. Failure to report the damage in a timely manner may result in issue not being covered.

2. Make sure you have all of the parts:

Please note: included parts and accessories may vary depending on country and regulations.



This Water Heater is For Outdoor Use Only!

  • This model is an outdoor model and must be mounted on a vertical wall. It must not be installed indoors or in a confined space. Make sure people (particularly children, disabled, and elderly) will not touch the hot water outlet or the flue terminal. The flue terminal and air inlet must be clear of obstruction and shrubbery.

  • The tankless water heater must be installed on a fire retardant area, and must be away from all flammable materials. Clearance should be 4 ft to the left and right side of flammable materials and 6.75 ft to the front.

  • The tankless water heater should be installed in an open area where strong wind currents are not prevalent. Take measures to avoid direct wind, rain and snow.

  • Make sure the tankless water heater is not temporarily installed in a location where damage can occur, for example by moving vehicles or area flooding, etc.



*NOTICE: Sealant tape included in your hardware pack should be used on your water inlet and outlet pipes before connecting your water source or output device.

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