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TS: FVI12 E7
Updated over a week ago

John Smith Sep 8, 10:58 AM

My FVI12 worked fine then today got code E7

Tech Support B Sep 8, 12:51 PM

Thank you for letting us know about your concern. Kindly check the vent pipes for any debris and see if the fan would spin when you manually spin.

John Smith Sep 8, 2:35 PM

There's no debris and the fan is spinning freely. What else can we check?

Tech Support B Sep 8, 2:51 PM

Thank you for that update. Please disconnect and reconnect the black and the blue wires that are connected on the upper left part of the water heater.Also, try to suck and blow on the grey hose that goes to the air vacuum switch. You should hear or feel the diaphragm moving back and forth. After that, test the water heater to see if it works.

John Smith Sep 9, 9:27 AM

That did the trick! The unit is now working seamlessly. Thank you so much!

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