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i12-LP/NG Whole Home Tankless Water Heater
Setting the Temperature on Your i12 Tankless Water Heater
Setting the Temperature on Your i12 Tankless Water Heater
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Getting Started

Your i12 Tankless Water Heater is an automatic temperature controlled water heater. This means that the temperature must be set from the front LED control panel. You can restrict the flow of the incoming water using the built in flow restrictor in order to achieve a desired set temperature. This tankless water heater is flow activated and will adjust gas flames to heat water as necessary.


*With this water heater you can enable a child-lock to ensure the safety of any little ones around.

NOTICE: The factory setting allows operating temperatures between 80 - 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Setting the temperature

You can set the temperature up or down using the arrows on the right side of the LED screen located on the front of the water heater.

Please note: When you set your desired temperature, it will not keep that number on the screen. It will go back down to what the temperature currently is and it will gradually climb up to the temperature you set the water heater to. Do not be alarmed; it takes time for the temp to climb to the set temperature.

During colder months, you may notice the water heater is not able to reach as high of temperatures as it did when the incoming water temperatures were warmer. You can adjust the flow restrictor on the incoming water valve to slow the water flow down allowing higher temperatures. The (+) will increase flow into the water heater and the closer you move the lever towards the (-), the flow will be restricted more, providing the ability for higher temperatures. * See photo below.


Your incoming water temperature plays a large role in achievable temperatures.

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