i12 General Information
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Congratulations on the purchase of your i12 whole home tankless water heater!

Below, you will find some general information and recommended uses of the i12 tankless water heater.


Specifications of the i12 model

  • Size of the Water fitings: 1/2"

  • Size of the Gas fitings: 1/2"

  • Size of the included vent kit: 2.5"

*If you decide to purchase additional venting for this water heater or you purchase it with a bundle, you will need to get the 3" vent kit and a 2.5" - 3.0" adapter (Paloma). Please make sure the bundle comes with the Paloma adapter.


Service Valves

If you are going to purchase service valves from us, the size of the valves are 3/4", so you will need to use an adapter to take the 1/2" to 3/4" on your incoming and outgoing water connections to fit with the service valve kit.

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