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L5 is Always Going Out
Updated over a week ago

John Smith Aug 23, 3:00 PM

Eccotemp L5 purchased 6/14 has developed a problem with gas burner going out frequently. Always able to start, Some times it will stay lit

Tech Support B Aug 23, 3:15 PM

Hello John Smith,

Thank you for contacting Eccotemp Systems Help Desk. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible. Please note we have received your request and will take all steps necessary to resolve your issue. You can reach our tech support through chat, just visit our website and select the blue Support button on the right side of the screen at

For your records your ticket number is located above. We regret any inconvenience that this issue may be causing you and please be assured that we will do what is necessary to resolve it. Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime or to update this ticket as needed.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the L5/L7/L10 is NOT to be permanently mounted or left unattended as it is not recommended and can be considered a hazard. Not for indoor usage or to be vented. Also, these units are not to be plumbed in to the side or any other part of the house or location and is meant to serve for recreational use only. Using in the manners stated will violate your warranty.***

If your Eccotemp L5 / L7 comes on for a small amount of time and then shuts off, please review the following troubleshooting guide.

  1. Check your propane tank to determine if you are out of gas.

  2. Check your batteries to see if they are properly installed. If your batteries are not new, try another set. When checking the batteries, if you encounter corrosion, gently clean the connections with a wire brush and install a fresh set. Be careful when doing this as battery acid is extremely harmful and poisonous.

  3. Disconnect the incoming water line. There is a screen immediately inside of the incoming water pipe that may have clogged over time and is reducing the water flow and water pressure.

  4. After following these steps, test to see if the water heater is working.

  5. If you are running your L5 / L7 with something other than the shower head connected to the outgoing water line, such as plumbing, disconnect this and try to operate the water heater to determine if your plumbing is the issue.

You need to have a minimum of 20 pounds per square inch of water pressure to activate and sustain operation of the L5 / L7 water heater. If you cannot achieve and maintain adequate water pressure, your water heater will function erratically or not at all. If you have low pressure that is near adequate, please follow the link below to access instructions on increasing your L5's / L7's sensitivity to water pressure:

Prior to completing the following steps, please make sure that your L5 / L7 has completely cooled and your gas supply is turned off. Take the cover off by removing the 2 screws at top and 2 on the bottom and the knobs pull off. Disconnect and reconnect all wire connections to ensure that everything is properly seated. There is a flame sensor directly above the burner. There are 3 black rubber wires going up to the burner area. Two of these rubber wires are attached to igniters and one is attached to the flame sensor. The flame sensor has a noticeably longer piece of metal. It should be on the far right and have a piece of blue tape on its wire. The L5 / L7 has a heat sensor at the top left. This looped yellow wire is centered over a small square opening in the heat exchanger. Make sure that this wire loops slightly inside of the opening. If it is bent away from the opening, you can push on it and it will bend easily. To test your electrical system, please click on the link below:

If your issues continue to persist please reply to this email and we will try additional steps to resolve your issue.

We appreciate and value your business,


Technical Support Team
Eccotemp Systems LLC
(Mon-Fri 9am-8pm PM EST)

John Smith Aug 24, 6:22 PM

Attn: Brian.
Just wanted to follow up and thank you for your help in troubleshooting my L5 portable heater. After you suggested descaling and checking the propane regulator. I did just that. Descaling did nothing since my unit has been used with a whole house filter and Ph level of well is good. However after you suggested the regulator. (Something I have never seen go bad). I did look at the regulator and found the safety valve connecting the regulator to the tank to be defective. Problem is now solved thanks to you.
Thank you very much for you professional help.
John Smith

Tech Support B Aug 25, 8:53 AM

Hi there!

You are very welcome! I'm glad that did the trick. I'm here if you need me again in the future. You can open another ticket or just respond back to this one and it'll open back up.

Let us know if you need anything,

Tech Support
Eccotemp Systems, LLC.

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