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DIY: Eccotemp L10 Leak Fix
Updated over a week ago

Video credit: Off Grid Homesteading, Jun 20, 2017

So we installed a portable propane on demand water heater as a replacement of our RV Hot Water heater that failed. This gave us UNLIMITED hot water without having to deal with a 6 gallon tank.
After about 9-10 months we started seeing a small leak that gradually grew into a more prominent drip. During this time I reached out to Eccotemp customer service, and being that we were in our 1 year warranty period, I had to submit some videos to them, and they determined that the gas/water valve was starting to fail. Eccotemp promptly sent me at NO cost the replacement part.

I had to take care of the labor. It wasn't difficult, and I show in this video how to un-install and reinstall the gas and water valve assembly. Hope this helps you with a similar issue. By the way even if your unit is OUT of warranty the part was only about $30 from Eccotemp if you have to buy it. Make sure you do the repair sooner than later as the leak will continue to get faster until it will spring a constant leak. See more info at:

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