How to: Clean filter screen

All Eccotemp Tankless water heaters have a screen inside the water inlet pipe located on the right side of the heater. This screen is designed to keep particles from entering the water flow meter and damaging it. This screen should be inspected and cleaned periodically for maximum efficiency. This guide is specific to our 40 Series heaters.

1st. Make sure that your Eccotemp water heater is turned off.

2nd. Locate the head of the filter screen on the water inlet pipe between where the hose connects to your Eccotemp 40 series unit and the outside of the case of your Eccotemp 40 series unit. Turn this counter- clockwise until you can pull it straight back out of the inlet pipe.

3rd. Inspect the screen if it is just lightly corroded or rusted* you may clean it using a metal wire brush available at most any hardware store.

4th. Reinstall the filter screen by inserting it back into the water inlet pipe and hand tightening it by turning it clockwise until stops. (Do not over tighten)

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