Oxidation near salt water Policy

Oxidation near salt water 

Eccotemp will no longer be covering damage caused by oxidation within the tankless water heater. Oxidation, which is essentially rust,  can occur when the tankless water heaters are placed outdoors near bodies of water, particularly near coast lines. 

When water is salty it starts out as a minor acid and becomes an even more powerful electrolyte, facilitating the rusting process. Prime rust conditions occur when the metal is regularly exposed to salt water and air.

We recommend individuals who live within these areas;

A. Purchase a indoor unit with the proper venting.


B. Build a cover/ or vented enclosure for their outdoor unit that would allow minimal exposure to salt water.

Protect your unit from clog and blockage. To purchase and to check for more of our Eccotemp Descaler Kit, please visit the link below.


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