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Improper Installation Voids the Manufacturer’s Warranty
Improper Installation Voids the Manufacturer’s Warranty
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Did you know that an improper installation will void any water heater warranty including Eccotemp brand water heaters?

Yes, unfortunately, this is the case for all brands. As a leader in tankless water heater sales, Eccotemp prides itself on designing a product that can be installed by DIY individuals and Professionals. We are one of the only brands that allow customers to install our water heaters themselves while still warranting our products.

With that being said, there are some restrictions. These restrictions are limited to improper installation. This could include not correctly venting your tankless water heater. For instance.

Look at the picture below. It seems like everything is ok but the venting. You will notice that the venting has a slight upward slope. You might be wondering, what is the big deal?

Our manual clearly states there should be a slight downward slope of the ventilation away from the water heater.

When the ventilation is sloping upward this can create many problems with the internal electrical components of the water heater, especially during the winter. Condensation can build up and rather than drip away from the water heater, this improper slope allows the condensation to drip directly into the water heater damaging electrical components. Of course, this is a big deal because there is no way to troubleshoot exactly where the water has ended up inside the water heater.

It could ruin, rust, and corrode internal components. This is a common mistake for installation. The incorrect venting may work for 1, 2, or even 3 years but it will eventually break the water heater. It significantly shortens the life span of your product.

When determining the slope of your venting you can use a level by placing it on top of your venting run. If it is level the venting must be adjusted to a downward slope for condensation to flow away from the water heater. This includes long runs or even short runs using our Horizontal venting kits.

If you’re venting your water heater using our horizontal vent kit, you must ensure there is a slight downward slope on the 90-degree elbow or with the small extension straight pipe that comes with it, to avoid condensation from seeping back into your tankless water heater.

If venting your tankless water heater vertically, you must ensure you install a condensation drainpipe in your venting to ensure condensation doesn’t go back into your tankless water heater. This should be installed near the water heater exhaust pipe.

Imagine you just purchased a brand-new stainless-steel gas grill. After purchasing the grill, you decide to keep it outdoors uncovered with the lid open. Will it work for possibly 1 year? Maybe 2 years? Maybe. But the grill will eventually break down.

Exposing the gas grill to constant rain, outdoor heat, cold winters, snow, and salt in the air without protection will eventually destroy it. The burners will rust. The ignition pins will break. The grill grates will break down. Hinges will rust. Lots of things will eventually break and stop working.

Therefore, you should keep the lid shut and try and keep the grill covered. Like a grill, your water heater is an expensive investment and needs to be taken care of to last you years and years.

Now let’s take a look at another improper installation. Do you notice anything improper about this picture below? Seems ok, right? Wrong. It is against the code and installation requirements for a tankless water heater. The directions clearly state clearances from walls, windows, and other hazards. This is something that city codes require and so does Eccotemp.

This installation can be dangerous and even deadly. Tankless water heaters emit Carbon Monoxide. This is one of the most unseen dangers in any home. It’s been known to make people sick and even cause death. Installing a water heater next to a window can allow for CO to come into your home when in use. It is deadly.

Some may say my window is shut and there was nowhere else to install it. Unfortunately, the risks outweigh the benefits. If this is the only location to install a tankless water heater, we recommend you not install one at all.

You may think "ok, why would this void my product warranty?" The reason is that if we participate in this improper installation, by say, sending you parts or troubleshooting an issue, this could bring liability upon a manufacturer.

Eccotemp cannot participate or help individuals with that type of improper installation. Unfortunately, for safety, we must draw a line and say "Unfortunately, with this setup, we cannot assist you". Our recommendation would be to install your tankless water heater in an appropriate place up to code and following the user manual.

As you can see from these few examples installing your tankless water heater can be a challenge. This is why we always recommend reading our user manual thoroughly to make sure no mistakes are made.

If you have further questions, please reach out to our team via our live chat feature on our website or support page. You can locate the chat box in the bottom right corner of both sites, or you can email our technical support at [email protected]

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