EccoFlo General Troubleshooting

General Troubleshooting for your EccoFlo Pump


Vibration induced by sea conditions or transporting can cause plumbing or pump hardware to loosen. Check for system components that are loose. Many symptoms can be resolved by simply tightening the hardware. Check the following items along with other particulars of your system.


1. Failure to prime - motor operates, but no pump discharge

Possible causes:

  • Restricted intake or discharge line
  • Air leak in intake line
  • Debris in pump
  • Punctured pump diaphragm (pump leaks)
  • Crack in pump housing

2. Motor fails to turn on

Possible causes:

  • Loose wiring connection
  • Pump circuit has no power
  • Blown fuse
  • Pressure switch failure
  • Defective motor

3. Pulsating flow

Possible causes:

  • Restricted pump delivery (Check discharge lines, fittings and valves for clogging or under sizing.)

4. Pump fails to turn off after all fixtures are closed

Possible causes: 

  • Empty water tank
  • Insufficient voltage to pump (low battery)
  • Punctured pump diaphragm (pump leaks)
  • Discharge line leak
  • Defective pressure switch

5. Low flow and pressure

Possible causes:

  • Air leak at pump intake
  • Accumulation of debris inside pump and plumbing
  • Worn pump bearing (excessive noise)
  • Punctured pump diaphragm (pump leaks)
  • Defective motor

If you are still experiencing issues with your EccoFlo Pump, please reach out to tech support by sending an email to Our Customer Support team is always happy and eager to help! 

Thank you for choosing Eccotemp Systems, LLC. 


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