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L7 Orange / Yellow Flame
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#805666 Orange flame

My L7 is producing large flames and I can see some black sooty smoke coming out the top, I know the
flame is supposed to be blue, do you have any idea what may be causing this.
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Hello ______,

Thank you for contacting Eccotemp Systems Help Desk. Our goal is to provide you with the best
customer service possible. With that being said, please note we have received your request and will
take all steps necessary to resolve your issue.

Please keep in mind that the L7 is NOT to be permanently mounted or left unattended as
it is not recommended and can be considered a hazard. Not for indoor usage or to be vented.
Also this unit is not to be plumbed in to the side of the house and is meant to serve for
recreational use only. Using in the manners stated will violate your warranty.
Please note that this ticket is automatically closed when we reply to you, however if you simply
respond back to the ticket, it will immediately be placed back into open status for review.
For your records your ticket number is located above. We regret any inconvenience that this issue may
be causing you and please be assured that we will do what is necessary to resolve it. Please don't
hesitate to contact us anytime or to update this ticket as needed.

If your L5 is burning with a dirty, yellow flame, debris may have built up inside of the burners. Please
see the guide at the link provided below for instructions to properly clean your Eccotemp L5 if you're
having difficulty viewing the attached file.

If your issues continue to persist please reply to this email and we will try additional steps to resolve
your issue.

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