Eccotemp i12-LP E5 Error code and Resolution
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A customer reached out to us regarding an issue with their i12-Liquid Propane Tankless Water Heater. They reported encountering an E5 error code on the display panel of their water heater. The E5 error code often refers to an issue with the pressure switch. After reviewing the customer’s installation photos, we determined that they had installed it improperly. Follow along to find out how we fixed it.

First, we knew we needed to tackle the customer’s venting issues. Notice in the photo how the customer bent the 90-degree elbow that was provided with the heater so that it would be straight. You can see how it is supposed to look and how they altered it to fit their location. They then attached that piece to a galvanized piece of venting (must be stainless steel). That vent run then goes up, down, and then out the side of their enclosure, creating a backflow issue with the exhaust. This will leave exhaust trapped in the top of the venting peak and allow it to flow back into the water heater.

i12-LP E5 Installation.JPG

Please note: we sell multiple venting pieces on our website to customize your installation should you find yourself in a situation where the provided vent kit won’t work. Don’t be a victim of a bad installation.

Second, the location of the water heater was not truly installed indoors. The customer had built a box and vented the water heater out of the box. You run into issues with not having enough oxygen when you install inside a small area like this customer did. So, when you partner that with the incorrect venting, the water heater simply cannot breathe. The flame in the water heater’s burner requires ample oxygen to ignite and function properly. This does not count as an indoor installation.

Third, we had the customer check their Pressure Switch, also known as the Vacuum Switch. We instructed the customer to remove the hose and blow air into the switch to loosen it up. The switch can become stuck when there is inadequate air pressure and flow. This creates a ripple effect with the fan and causes the exhaust not to exit the water heater properly and safely.

See the image of the vacuum switch below:

i12-LP E5 Installation 2.JPG

After the customer fixed the venting, changed the location, and essentially reset their Pressure Switch, they were successful in clearing the error code.

The takeaway: Installation locations and materials matter. The i12-LP requires ample space and combustible air to operate properly and requires proper exhaust flow in order to avoid those fumes coming back into the heater and causing the E5 or permanently causing damage to the pressure switch. More often than not, it’s the installation, not the heater.

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