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Setting the Temperature on Your SH12
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Control your Eccotemp Water Heater using the included remote.

The Eccotemp SH12 water heater remote control has an easy to use control panel that will allow you to control functions such as ON/OFF and temperature adjustments. The remote is compatible with your SH12 SMARTHOME device and gives you the ability to change settings from a distance.



Output temperature of water is regulated by setting the temperature on the front of the water heater. Safety factors should be considered when selecting the water temperature. Water temperatures above 120 degrees F (51 degrees C) can cause sever burns or death from scalding. The thermostat is adjusted to its lowest temperature position when shipped from the factory.

Be sure to read and follow the warnings outlined in your manual and on the label located on the water heater. Mixing valves are available for reducing point of use water temperature by mixing hot and cold water in branch water lines.

Procedures for adjusting the thermostat for energy efficient operation at the minimum water temperature setting consistent with the consumer's needs.

Contact a licensed plumber or the local plumbing authority for further information.


The Eccotemp SMARTHOME SH12 is an AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED tankless water heater. You will need to set your maximum temperature on the Eccotemp SH12 gas tankless water heater and then adjust your sink or shower water temperature at the source.

DANGER: There is a hot water scald potential if the temperature is set to high. Households with small children, disabled, or elderly persons may require a 120 degrees F (51 degrees C) or lower temperature setting to prevent contact with HOT water.

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