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How to Replace the Flame Sensor on the 45 Series
Updated over a week ago

How to Replace the Flame Sensor on the 45 Series

  1. First, remove the cover by unscrewing the 4 screws.

  2. The flame sensor is located in the center area of the heat exchanger. (Wrapped in a blue rubber casing).

  3. Unscrew the 6 screws holding the sensor plate in place and set aside in a safe place.

  4. Using pliers, disconnect the sensor on the far LEFT in the blue rubber casing.

  5. Take out the sensor and replace the exact same way with the new one.

  6. Connect the wires using pliers and secure the sensor plate with the 6 screws you set aside.

  7. Attach the cover back on using the 4 screws you set aside and you are done.

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