EL22/22i - Error code: E1
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An E1 is directly related to an issue involving your gas supply.

If you are getting an E1 error code,

  1. First, verify that your water heater is the correct gas type. On the right side of the water heater, there is a plate that specifies LP for Liquid Propane or NG for Natural Gas. This should match the type of gas that is being supplied. If this matches, verify that your installer checked to make sure that the gas is the correct pressure for your EL22/22i.

***It is important to know that we do not convert any of our units from LP to NG or vice versa. It can pose a potential danger to the customer and voids any warranty. If you ordered the wrong gas type, please return and order the correct gas type. Do NOT attempt to convert. Eccotemp will take no responsibility for any damage caused in doing so.***

  1. The pressure needed for this model is 10-13 inches of water column for Liquid Propane and 4-6 inches of water column for Natural Gas.

  2. Also, make sure your installer used a regulator capable of delivering the proper gas flow needed for the EL22/22i: 140,000BTU. Next, verify that your gas supply is turned on.

  3. How many elbows do you have in your gas line setup? Did you know that too many elbows can lower the pressure and cause issues with your gas?

Check out this article we posted on our support page:

  1. Lastly, after doing all of this, make sure that you are not out of gas.

Other common causes for an E1 code:

  1. Ignition Pack

  2. Obstruction in the ventilation and exhaust located on top of the unit (screws often find themselves in there during installation).

  3. Computer Board

  4. Flame Sensor

  5. Gas Assembly, Solenoid Issue

  6. Too many elbows in your piping system


*****Can you hear the water heater trying to ignite?****

In a proper ignition sequence:

  1. The fan will come on, the display will show ground water temperature, and you will hear a series of fast, high pitched clicking followed by a few lower pitched clicks which are noticeably slower.

  2. It should go through this sequence twice if it does not ignite.

If you do not hear the ignition sequence happen like listed above, you could possibly have an issue with the ignition pack.


****Sometimes, unintentional debris will get into the exhaust on top of the unit and keep the system from correctly releasing and ventilating the fumes. ****

This will cause you to get an error code.

  1. Remove the ventilation from the top of the unit.

  2. Look down into the exhaust on the top to see if anything has fallen into it: screws, sheetrock pieces during installation, etc.

  3. If it looks clear, try running the unit without the exhaust connected to the ventilation. It could be something clogging the ventilation not attached to the unit. (the piping leading outdoors).

  4. If the unit runs fine without being connected to the ventilation to outside, then something is clogging your ventilation system. It's not the unit.


****Your computer board may be the issue****


****Your Flame Sensor may need to be replaced****


****May need replacement****


***See the following article regarding this on our support page***

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