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45HI-LP E1 Code: Troubleshooting Steps
45HI-LP E1 Code: Troubleshooting Steps
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John Smith, Sept 3, 4:57pm

Hi! I need your help; my 45HI-LP keeps giving me an E1 error code. What can I do to fix this? I have a big party coming up and really need this to work. Thanks for the help!


Tech Support T, Sept 3, 5:07pm

Hello John Smith,

Thank you for contacting Eccotemp Systems Help Desk. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible. Please note we have received your request and will take all steps necessary to resolve your issue.

For your records, your ticket number is located above. We regret any inconvenience that this issue may be causing you and please be assured that we will do what is necessary to resolve it. Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime or to update this ticket as needed.

An E1 is directly related to an issue involving your gas supply.

If you are getting an E1 error code,

  1. First, verify that your water heater is the correct gas type. On the right side of the water heater, there is a plate that specifies LP for Liquid Propane or NG for Natural Gas. This should match the type of gas that is being supplied. If this matches, verify that your installer checked to make sure that the gas is the correct pressure for your 45H/HI.

  2. The pressure needed for this model is 10-13 inches of water column for Liquid Propane and 4-6 inches of water column for Natural Gas.

  3. Also, make sure your installer used a regulator capable of delivering the proper gas flow needed for the 140,000BTU 45H/HI. Next, verify that your gas supply is turned on.

  4. Lastly, after doing all of this, make sure that you are not out of gas.

Other common causes for an E1 code:

  1. Ignition Pack

  2. Obstruction in the ventilation and exhaust located on top of the unit.

  3. Computer Board

  4. Flame Sensor

  5. Gas Assembly, Solenoid Issue


*****Can you hear the water heater trying to ignite?****

In a proper ignition sequence:

  1. The fan will come on, the display will show ground water temperature, and you will hear a series of fast, high pitched clicking followed by a few lower pitched clicks which are noticeably slower.

  2. It should go through this sequence twice if it does not ignite.

If you do not hear the ignition sequence happen like listed above, you could possibly have an issue with the ignition pack. This is an easy part for us to send to you to replace.


****Sometimes, unintentional debris will get into the exhaust on top of the unit and keep the system from correctly releasing and ventilating the fumes. ****

This will cause you to get an error code.

  1. Remove the ventilation from the top of the unit.

  2. Look down into the exhaust on the top to see if anything has fallen into it: screws, sheetrock pieces during installation, etc.

  3. If it looks clear, try running the unit without the exhaust connected to the ventilation. It could be something clogging the ventilation not attached to the unit. (the piping leading outdoors).

  4. If the unit runs fine without being connected to the ventilation to outside, then something is clogging your ventilation system. It's not the unit.


****Your computer board may be the issue****

Unfortunately, this is sort of the last place we check. No “real” way to tell if it’s the computer board until we replace the board and test it. This is something you can replace yourself. We have videos for this as well. Or you can set up a time for one of us to call you to talk you through the installation.


****Your Flame Sensor may need to be replaced if….***

  1. The unit fires up but shuts off within 5 seconds.

  2. You receive the error because the Flame Sensor is not detecting the flame, so it shuts off.

Replacing the Flame Sensor is very simple. There are only 4 screws. We can provide you with pictures if we determine this is the issue.


****May need replacement****

  1. Unfortunately, if this is the issue, you will need to send the unit in for repair. This is something that we don’t allow customers to replace.

  2. Please refer to our repair/return policy below for the 45HI series

* If you have not done so, please take the time to register your product with us here .


Technical Support Team

Eccotemp Systems LLC


(Mon-Fri 9am-8pm PM EST)

John Smith, Sept 4, 9:01am

Hi there! So, after you sent me these steps to try, I spent last night going through all of the steps. I noticed that I didn’t hear the clicking like you mentioned under the IGNITION PACK section. So, maybe it’s that? How do I go about getting a replacement for that? Also, is this something I can replace on my own? How difficult is the installation of the new pack?


John Smith

Tech Support T, Sept 4, 9:06am

Hi John,

Well, that is good news. The ignition pack is very easy to replace/install. I will process that replacement ignition pack for you today and we can set up an appointment for us to call you when you are replacing the part if you would like. Some customers like for us to talk them through the process, but it’s really not difficult. You can also find lots of helpful videos on our support page that can walk you through lots of different things.

In the meantime, can you please provide us with the following?:

  1. Original order number (This is to help determine warranty questions)

  2. Proof of Purchase if you can’t remember your order number

  3. Shipping address

  4. Phone number

  5. Photos of your setup

All of this information helps us help you. Thank you so much. We are happy to know that it’s most likely just the ignition pack.

Thank you and glad to help,

Tech Support

Eccotemp Systems, LLC.

John Smith, Sept 4, 12:03pm

I think I was able to track down all you needed.

Order#: 1234567

Shipping Address:

John Smith

123 Fourth St.

Somewhereville, SC 98765

Phone: 123-456-7890

I’ve attached my photo as well. I have it set up in my laundry room. Thanks for all your help.


Tech Support T, Sept 4, 12:46pm

Hi there John,

Upon checking your order number, we see that you are still within the warranty period, so the replacement ignition pack will be of no charge to you. I have already processed your replacement ignition pack order. The order number is #1237894.

Once you receive the replacement part, you can set up an appointment with us to help talk you through the installation process if you feel like you need our assistance. All you have to do is visit, and click on “Schedule a Call”.

We are always happy to assist!

You will receive an email with tracking information regarding this order shortly.

Thanks John,

Tech Support

Eccotemp Systems, LLC.

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