TS: Indicator light not on

  1. If the light does not come on, but water gets hot, check for faulty bulb.
  2. Check reset button.

RESETTING THE HIGH LIMIT SWITCH: The high limit safety shut off switch will shut the water heater down when water temperatures exceed 190 F. Power is automatically turned off to the heating element. The shut off device may activate as a result of a power outage or an electrical storm.

NOTE: Do not attempt to reset the high limit switch without first allowing the water heater to cool down the high temperature water inside the heater.

WARNING: Do not tamper with the reset button to override overheating shut down.

  1. Unplug the water heater from the electric outlet.
  2. Drain and remove the water heater. (see page 12)
  3. Remove six screws retaining the bottom panel of the water heater and remove the panel. Locate the high limit reset button.
  4. Depress the small red button in the center of the junction box, replace the bottom panel and place the water heater back into service.

NOTE: A lower temperature setting saves energy and reduces the risk of scalding. CAUTION!: Call a technician if the high limit needs to be reset frequently

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