My Bracket Won't Fit Into the Back of My Mini-Tank

Using the mounting bracket with the EM Mini-Tank Series


The Eccotemp EM-Mini Tank Series come with a mounting bracket that helps to easily mount the water heater on a wall if you do not wish to leave it sitting upright on the ground. 


First, locate the 2 openings on the back of the water heater that you will need to insert the bracket into after you've mounted the bracket to the wall. 


Once the bracket is mounted to the wall and the heater is filled with water, the weight will easily allow the bracket to punch through the foamy material located inside of the two slots for the bracket. The foamy material allows for a tighter grip onto the bracket for a stronger and more safe installation. 


After you've inserted the bracket into the two slots for mounting, it should resemble the photo below.


Do not be afraid to apply a little pressure to ensure that the bracket is fully inserted into the slots for a tight mounting. 

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